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New Exhibition by Estonian Refugee Council Showcases the Stories of Displaced People

Estonian Refugee Council announces the opening of a new portrait exhibition titled "Voices from Crises: Stories of Displaced People", hosted at the Three Tree Gallery in Telliskivi Creative City. The exhibition will be open to the public starting Monday, April 15th, at 5pm. 

The exhibition sheds light on the stories and experiences of people who have been forced to leave their home countries due to crises, and illuminates their journey towards new beginnings having found refuge in Estonia. 

The exhibition showcases portraits by Keiu Virro, featuring individuals who fled their homes due to war, armed conflict or persecution. Their departure was not a choice; it was a matter of survival, often risking their lives to seek safety elsewhere.

Sigrid Solnik, Country Director of the Estonian office of Estonian Refugee Council, emphasizes the importance of raising awareness and fostering empathy towards refugees. "Life-changing crises and forced resettlement affect millions of people worldwide. The stories of these individuals, their successes, failures, hopes, and fears in starting anew, deserve to be heard and understood," Solnik said.

The exhibition presents narratives spanning eight regions, including Afghanistan, Belarus, Gaza Strip, Iraq, Russia, Syria, Turkey, and Ukraine. 

"Voices from Crises: Stories of Displaced People" is on view around the clock at Three Tree Gallery in the outside area of Telliskivi Creative city until the end of June. 

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